Rules and Regulations for the Music Technology & Keyboard Proficiency Laboratory MTKPL (E-215)

  1. Food and/or drink are prohibited in the Lab
  2. Headphone use is mandatory, in consideration for other users. Each student must bring his/her own. Use the headphone extension cables on the desk.
  3. Please do not unplug any cables from the computers, monitors, piano, midi keyboard, or from the power outlets. Each station has a power bar where you may plug your laptop in.
  4. Musictech students can store up to 10 GB on their personal account on the MTKPL file server(your local home directory).
  5. KP students may only use the local KP account. There is no password. Do not save anything to this account. All files saved on this account are erased upon logout.
  6. Please remember to log out at the end of your sesssion.
  7. The Lab is not available for use when there is a class/seminar/lecture in progress. For the lab schedule there is a QR code on the door, or else check the general Music Building room booking site here:
  8. MT students: please do not attempt to log-in more than once (do not use another computer if you’re already logged in).
  9. No unauthorized use will be tolerated, do not give your username and password to anyone. You are held responsible for your account.
  10. Any attempt to damage the machines or equipment will result in immediate suspension from the lab, with other consequences as deemed necessary.
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