- 0% assessment on SMART MUSIC takes: “Piaggero” is not selected in the “Foot Pedal and MIDI Keyboard” Smart Music Preferences (available from SMART MUSIC drop down menu next to apple menu top left). There was also one instance of the MIDI keyboard USB cable being physically unplugged.

- Piano Keyboards must be turned on first before using Smart Music, otherwise they will not be detected, they also shut-off automatically after a period of inactivity

- Some models of Apple/Iphone ear buds do not work correctly with the setup due to the mic component of the jack (TRRS), no issues so far with regular headphones with a standard 1/8 TRS jack.

- “KP → SPEAKERS” account is to be used only during certain classes where instructor wants everyone to be heard out-loud

- “KP” account is to be used with headphones only, keyboard and computer sound will be automatically set to headphones upon login.

- “Other” account is to be used by MT students. Default login is lastnamefirstinitial i.e. trudeauj

- Please log off when finished (top left, apple menu, then “Log Out ..”

- If station doesn't work for any reason, please note down the name of the station (label on the computer) and send an email to and then try another station. PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG / REPLUG ANYTHING IN ATTEMPT TO FIX ISSUES.

- AXIOM MIDI KEYBOARDS: choose AXIOM USB A in application settings (Reaper, Simplesynth, etc)

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